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An Alberta Bear Hunting Experience!

Welcome to Swanspoint Outfitters! 

  • We work hard to provide our clients with an exciting, Canadian bear hunting adventure. 
  • Our hunts are 100% Fair Chase Spot & Stalk. 
  • We don't use baits, so if sitting around and waiting isn't your thing- we have a hunt for you! 
  • We use Argo's, trucks, ATV's and UTV's to hunt and get into camp. 
  • We offer a comfortable yet rugged outfitters tent & cabin camping experience. 
  • The zone we hunt is a 2 Bear area, with no trophy fee.
  • Excellent opportunity to harvest a color phase bear.
  • We hunt an area where you may encounter moose, deer, wolves and Grizzly Bear.
  • Fully insured, licensed and bonded with APOS. 
  • We pride ourselves in providing a "different" kind of bear hunt and offering an amazing hunting adventure!  


Matthew Swan

(780) 206-2406


Blond Bear 2015 Season

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2014 Hunt


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